Parenting Tips

Free and fun online games for young children to play

As more of the countries population gets access to the internet, the average age of the population that is actually able to browse it is getting younger.  Today, more children are able to swipe their way through the internet on mom’s iPad or even grab dad’s smartphone to play that puzzle game with the cool […]

Some things to do with your children this spring

Spring is here, for us in Wisconsin anyways and now that children want to get in the yard and enjoy the warmer weather, it might be a good time to make a list of safe things that you can do with your children.  Most of the time it can be a pain to run your […]

Getting a child to sleep is hard work, just ask mom and dad

There isn’t a single parent that would read this title and disagree that trying to get your young child to sleep according to a schedule is hard work.  Parents have been trying to get their small children to sleep at a normal time for years and they have all tried the little tricks and maybe […]

Sleepy Time Tips

Experts say develop a rhythm to cure baby sleeping issues

Some parents think they know everything and you might have even encountered one that knows a little more about your baby or child than you do, but for the most part, the process of getting your baby or child to do something is different for everyone. Sleep habits are messed up by late nights, diet […]

Why won’t my 3-year old sleep after 10pm?

I have been cruising around the web looking for reasons to let parents know that there are options available when a child is afraid of the dark, afraid of monsters or just won’t sleep passed a certain time of the night.  I came across the website and a couple of moms, that are obviously at whits end, […]

General Info

Monster Security System Available in Four Colors

Those that like the Monster Security System like that it is an effective tool to compliment any “going to bed routine”.  If you read through the testimonials you can clearly see that our product is good at “Helping kids sleep in their own beds one little monster at a time!” As you can see through […]

Welcome to the Monster Security System Blog

First of all I would like to say “Thank You” for being a Monster Security System customer.  You are likely here from our Facebook Page and are curious about our “new feature”, so without further “ado”, here it is!  Our blog is going to become a place for everyone to meet and discuss issues regarding children that […]

What Experts Say

How important is sleep to a child? Lets ask the experts!

Sleeping for some is just part of a daily routine that usually takes place as soon as your eyes shut and depending how much activity you had during the day you might not be able to control when your body wants to sleep.  We have talked about getting children to sleep in previously, but it […]

Monsters under the bed is no joking matter

The first time your child comes to you with the concern that he or she thinks a monster is living under the bed, it might seem like a good time to laugh it off and hope your toddler just forgets about it, but that would be opposite of what many experts think you should do. […]